Sanitation Offloading Solutions

Holding Tank pump out services provided by SOS. Serving Anacortes & La Conner, WA


Holding tanks
∙ Less than 50gal
$35 + tax
∙ More than 50gal
$45 + tax
◦ Over 100 gal, add’l
$0.45/gal + tax
∙ Additional tanks
$10/ea. + tax
∙ Liveaboards (weekly service)
$125/month + tax
∙ Emergency pump
$125 + tax


1.877.SOS.NUM2 (1.877.767.6862)


How much notice do you need?
Each marina is pumped out on scheduled days, so as much advanced notice as possible is appreciated. Boats are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. You do not need to be present for SOS to pump your boat!

Do you offer liveaboard services?
We do! You can set your boat up with regularly scheduled pump outs by contacting SOS. Most liveaboards require pump out every other week.

How will I know my boat has been pumped?
Look for our SOS sticker (don’t worry, it’s easily removable) with the pump out date, as well as a roll of TP.

Do I need to request a tank rinse?
This is included as a part of our pump out service, so no need to make a special request. We always rinse your tank and add OdorLos.

Do we need to do anything special to prepare for SOS to pump our tanks?
There are 3 main things we need – access to the dock, access to your boat and access to your deck fitting. We need to be able to get safely from our boat to your deck fitting. And please make sure your Y valve is set properly.